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Total players online: 1149 (Record: 4724)
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Saturday, April 05 2014, 23:39:01
PvP fans, we made a honorable kills ladder, see it here anytime !

Thursday, April 03 2014, 23:30:35
In response to your suggestions we added the .challenge_party command to allow you to challenge a whole party to a non-rated arena (2v2, 3v3, 5v5 and even 4v4). Command will be available starting from tomorrow, 5th April. More info here

Friday, March 28 2014, 04:54:21
- We've given back
Tabard of Brute Force to all players who got it from the Brutally Dedicated achievement
- We fixed an issue with horde titles being awarded to alliance players from honorable kills (you will need to make another honorable kill to get the title again)
- Previous PvP event winners will be rewarded as explained
- PvP horde / alliance titles from honorable kills are listed here

VERY IMPORTANT! We have deleted all PvP titles / achievements / mounts / tabards from all players and removed them from vote / donation shop because we plan to improve the PvP rewarding system... as in give those rewards only for PvP events, top arena players, etc.
PvP horde/alliance titles (Warlord, General, Champion, etc) are now awarded automatically after reaching a specific number of honorable kills.
More info about this will be posted later tonight.

For those who bought pvp mounts / titles / tabards from the wow shop:
- The money used for buying PvP tabards was refunded to your account so you can spend it on anything else you want
- Titles and mounts bonuses were given to those who bought pvp titles or mounts so you can spend them on other titles / mounts you want. Check your
bonuses page to see your bonuses (if you have any) (there may be few players who didn't receive bonuses for their deleted donated titles because they renamed/transfered their character, in this case make a ticket, but only for donated titles for which you didn't receive a bonus)

Wednesday, February 26 2014, 01:42:19
The security question can now be reset through email confirmation here. More info here

Wednesday, March 19 2014, 07:07:20

Dungeon Finder has been implemented !

Please read more info

Tuesday, March 18 2014, 06:15:45
We moved the currency weekly caps reset from Monday to Friday morning, the same time PvE raids reset (except Conquest Points, those still reset Monday morning)
This was a step from the preparation of Dungeon Finder going live (soon) so Justice / Valor Points reset the same time PvE raids reset

P.S.: We added few more fun items on the voting page rewards

Showing latest fixes for Cataclysm 4.3.4 (02/26/2014): (Click here to see more server fixes)
- Spell Penetration from gems/enchants is now correctly displayed in char sheet
- Summons / pets spell penetration scaling (for totems, Mirror Image, Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps tentacles, Wild Mushroom, etc)
- Item unlock spells (like Volatile Seaforium Blastpack / Obsidium Skeleton Key)
- Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps tentacles hit chance scaling
- Moonwell Chalice combat despawn problem
- Shadowmourne visuals
- Will of Unbinding now procs from DoTs too
- Arcane Torrent now removes Stealth effects
- Tentacle of the Old Ones is now immune to all AoE damage in PvE
- Papa Hummer's old-fashioned pet biscuit & Magical Pet Biscuit exploits
- Elune's Blessing exploit
- Stonebark's Essence exploit
- Brightleaf's Essence exploit
- T12 Protection 4P Bonus
- Sacred Duty now procs from Avenger's Shield too
- Grand Crusader now procs only from Avenger's Shield
- The Art of War now gives 100% damage increase for Exorcism DoT too
- Guardian of Ancient Kings (Holy) won't proc from Protector of the Innocent anymore
- Protector of the Innocent now only procs once from Holy Radiance no mather how many targets it affects
- Illuminated Healing won't proc from Holy Radiance DoT anymore
- Illuminated Healing now procs from Light of Dawn too
- Communion now always gives 3% damage for the party when having aure (up from 2%)
- Communion should only give 5% damage for the paladin when having aure (down from 7%)
- Consecration damage
- Consecration visual problems (debuff, durations, etc)
- Hallowed Ground
- Judgement now ignores Cloak of Shadows
- Seal of Truth now applies Censure through Cloak of Shadows
- Avenging Wrath won't stack with Tricks of the trade
- Shadowstep won't teleport you in walls or make you fall through texture when using it on a target with his back against a wall
- Bandit's Guile now works correctly (with Shallow Insight / Moderate Insight / Deep Insight ranks each 4 hits)
- Blade Flurry now deals the exact damage as the initial hit (the secondary hit now ignores armor/resilience/etc)
- Cheat Death ICD is now 90s (up from 60s)
- Main Gauche won't proc from Vial of Shadows anymore
- Backstab, Garrote, Ambush can now be cast from any angle if the target is with his back against a wall
- Tricks of the Trade
- Pick Lock
- Vile Poisons now applies poisons with Fan of Knives too
- Vendetta won't cause combat anymore (this also fixes Vendetta from Stealth problems)
- Glyph of Gouge
- Wound Poison now has a PvP duration of 8 seconds
- T12 Healer 4P Bonus summoning part
- Echo of Light healing bonus from a critical strike to be 200% (up from 150%)
- Spirit of Redemption
- Reflective Shield
- Shadowfiend base attack speed is now 1.5s (down from 2s)
- Holy Nova heal is now divided among all targets but now each target gets a spellpower bonus benefit
- Glyph of Spirit Tap
- Glyph of Shadow problems with visual remaining after shapeshifting out of Shadowform
- Divine Aegis amount at restacking won't increase multiplicatively anymore
- Instant Flash Heal from Surge of Light now triggers Chakra: Serenity
- Leap of Faith pull speed is now almost instant
- Leap of Faith won't dismount the target anymore
- Mind Sear can't be cast on self anymore
- Mind Sear now deals damage on the initial target too (if it's enemy)
- Lightwell is now usable from 20 yards
- Lightwell HP
- Shadowy Apparition can now crit
- Shadowy Apparition now has the same hit chance as the priest
- Shadowy Apparition now has the same spell penetration as the priest
- Levitate won't cause channeled spells (like Penance) to be interrupted anymore
- Body and Soul Cure Disease part
Death Knight
- Death Grip pull speed is now almost instant
- Summon Gargoyle now has the same spell penetration as the death knight
- Frost Fever via Chains of Ice won't go through Deterrence anymore
- Shadow Infusion now procs from absorbs too
- Improved Lava Lash damage increase part now works even if the totem that cast Searing Flames on the target was despawned / destroyed
- Unleash Elements can now be used on neutral targets too
- Earthquake now deals damage at the place where it was cast
- Earthquake can now deal critical strikes
- T12 2P Bonus: Mirror Image Fireball \ buffs on Mirror Image \ ICD added \ Avoidance aura added
- T12 2P Bonus + ICD added
- Hellfire can now trigger Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest
- Nether Ward won't stack with Shadow Ward anymore
- T12 Feral 4P Bonus
- Feral Charge won't throw you in walls or make you fall through texture when using it on a target with his back against a wall
- Ravage, Shred can now be cast from any angle if the target is with his back against a wall
Midsummer Fire Festival
- Alliance Bonfire bound to event
- Horde Bonfire bound to event
- Uldum flame keeper bound to event
- Uldum flame warden bound to event
- Deepholm flame guardian bound to event
- Hyjal flame guardian bound to event
- Vashj'ir flame guardian bound to event
- Twilight highlands flame warden bound to event
Other small fixes
- Drop rate for Reins of Green-Proto-Drake is now 5%, up from 1%
- Drop rate for Recipe:skullfish Soup is now 12%, up from 6.25%
- Flame-Scarred Junkbox
- Silken Treasure Chest
- Maplewood Treasure Chest
- Added all blue items to Rugok and Toren Landow.
Blackrock Caverns
- NPCs heroic & normal level \ hp \ spells \ armor \ damage \ spawntime \ loot
- Buster
- Lucky
- Runty
- Spot
- Crazed Mage
- Mad Prisoner
- Twilight Flame Caller
- Twilight Sadist
- Twilight Torturer
- Evolved Twilight Zealot
- Twilight Zealot
- Bellows Slave
- Conflagration
- Quicksilver
- Defiled Earth Rager
- Incendiary Spark
- Twilight Element Warden
- Twilight Obsidian Borer
- Bosses heroic & normal level \ hp \ armor \ damage \ spawntime \ loot
- Rom'ogg Bonecrusher
- Beauty
- Ascendant Lord Obsidius
- Karsh
- Corla
- Quests
- What is this place?
- Do My Eyes Deceive Me?
- The Twilight Forge
- Return of the Friendly Dryskin
- Return of the Lich Hunter
- Hand of the Oracles
- Frenzyheart Champion
- Nightime in the Jungle
- If The Key Fits
- A Sacred Burial
- Twilight Research
- Master Angler
- Apparentice Angler
- The Deepest Cut
- Deathblow the Legion
- The Ironwall Rampart
Vashj'ir factions requirments
- Glow-Juice
- A Better Vantage
- A Better Vantage
- A Breath of Fresh Air
- A Breath of Fresh Air
- A Lure
- A Powerful Need to Eat
- A Standard Day for Azrajar
- A Standard Dat for Azrajar
- All or Nothing
- An Occupation of time
- An Occupation of time
- Back to Darkbreak Cove
- Back to the Tenebrous Cavern
- Bellies Await
- Bio-Fuel
- Blood and Thunder!
- Body Blows
- Body Blows
- Breaking Through
- Breaking Through
- Bring it On!
- Buy us some time
- Buy us some time
- Capture the crab
- Capture the crab
- Caught off-guard
- Caught of-guard
- Claim Korthun's End
- Claim Korthun's End
- Clamming Up
- Clear goals
- Clear goals
- Clearing the defiled
- Clearing the defiled
- Come Prepared
- Come Prepared
- Cold Welcome
- Coldlights out
- Crafty Crabs
- Deep Attraction
- Defending the rift
- Desperate plan
- Defending the rift
- Desperate plan
- Die Fishman Die
- Enviromental Awareness
- Fallen but not forgotten
- Friends from the netherworld
- Enormous Eel Egg
- Fallen but not forgotten
- Friends from the netherworld
- Finders, Keepers
- Full circle
- Gauging Succes
- Giring our loins
- Helm's Deep
- Here fishie fishie
- Here fishie fishie 2: Eel-Egg-Trick Boogaloo
- Honor and Privilege
- Hopelessly Gearless
- I brought you this egg
- Hostile Waters
- Looking Forward
- Looking Ground
- Orako
- Not Entirely Unprepared
- Orako's Report
- Overseer Idra'kess
- Pay atention!
- Pay it Forward!
- Piece of the Past
- Prisoners
- Promotory Point
- Properly inspired
- Put it on
- Rest for the Weary
- Sea legs
- Secure Seabrush
- Secure Seabrush
- Shelled Salvation
- Sira'kess slaying
- Something edible
- Still valuable
- Swift Action
- Swift approach
- The call of the blade
- The perfect fuel
- The war has many fronts
- The wavespeaker
- Those Aren't masks
- Traveling on our stomachs
- Treasure Reclamation
- Unfurling Plan
- Unpon the scene of battle
- Vision of the past: Rise from the Deep
- Vision of the past: The invasion of Vashj'ir
- Vision of the past: The Slaughter of Biel'aran Ridge
- Waking the Beast
- Wea re not alone
- Welcome News
- Fuel-ology101
- Full circle
- Gauging Succes
- Honoring and privilege
- Hopelessly gearless
- Hostile Waters
- Looking forward
- Losing Ground
- Not entirely unprepared
- Odor coater
- On our own terms
- One Last favor
- Overseer Idra'kess
- Pay it forward
- Phosphora hunting
- Piece of the past
- Prisoners
- Properly inspired
- Promontory Point
- Put it on
- Rest for the weary
- Sea legs
- Sira'kess Slaying
- Still valuable
- Stormwind Elite Aquatic and Land Forces
- Swift action
- Swift approach
- The Brothers Digsong
- The Brothers Digsong 2: Eel-Egg-Trick Boogaloo
- The Call of the Blade
- The wavespeaker
- Those aren't masks
- To Arms!
- Traveling on Our Stomachs
- Treasure Reclamation
- Unfurling Plan
- Unpon the scene of battle
- Visions of the Past: Rise from the Deep
- Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashj'ir
- Visions of the Past: The Slaughter of Biel'aran Ridge
- Waking the Beast
- We Are Not Alone
- Welcome News
- Saronite Deposit more spawns
- Rich Saronite Deposit more spawns
- Tin Vein more spawns
- Gold Vein more spawns
- Truesilver Deposit more spawns
- Rich Thorium Vein more spawns
- Cbalt Deposit more spawns
- Saronite Deposit more spawns
NPC Fixes
- Zepik the Gorloc Hunter
- Goldtooth
- Beezil Linkspanner
- Fire Hawk Matriarch
- Dyslix Silvergrub
- Drogoth the roamer
- Scarlet executioner
- The husk
- Breg FullBeard
- Lord angler
- Cursed centaur
- Putridius
- Flamewaker Hunter
- Drix Blackwrench
- Socrethar
- Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath
- Flamewaker Sentinel
- Molten Behemoth
- Druid of the Flame
- Druid of the Flame
- Druif of the Flame
- Dark Pharaoh Teknahn
- Earthen Ring Defender
- Earthen Ring Defender
- Earthen Ring Defender
- Dariness the Learned
- Ecton Brasstumbler
- High Priest Yath'amon
- Salranas the Flash Render
- Underking Talonox
- Brann Bronzebeard
- High Priestess Lorthuna
- Bloodpetal Sprout
- Twilight Desecrator
- Salhet
- King Phaoris
- High Priest Sekhemet
- Scorpion-Lord Namkhare
- Neferset Savage
- Neferset Ritualist
- Immortal Colossus
- Underking Talonox
- Wrathstrike Gargoyle
- The Lick King
- Forgotten Depths Underking
- Forgotten Depths High Priest
- Forgotten Depths High Priest
- Forgotten Depths High Priest
- Forgotten Depths Underking
- Forgotten Depths Underking
- Kel'thuzad
- Wooly Rhino Calf
- Broken tooth
- Lady Zephris
- War Golem
- Scarlet Judge
- Kelbnar
- Andrazor
- Searris
- Fah Jarakk
- Sarana Damir
- Southsea Rowboat
- Munci
- Ornag
- Floyd Pinkus
- Kalaen
- Allison
- Dalinna
- Grex Brainboiler
- Leeni "Smiley" Smalls
- Tini Smalls
- Dame Evniki Kapsalis
- Antechamber Guardian
- Budd
- Prince Nadun

Wednesday, February 12 2014, 23:51:54

Love is in the Air is here and fully working!

Wednesday, February 05 2014, 22:53:13
The lottery we had this week with the occasion of WoW Freakz 4th year anniversary has ended! There were a total of 5546 players signed up, thank you all for participating! The winners are the following (sorted in order of char creation and realm):

15x Invincible's Reins: Shamycow, Kakaroot, Thoth, Saw, Lightless, Bodo, Thunders, Xecsy, Gotenks, Mocky, Triperbot, When, Cyber, Reirah, Shadowblend

30x Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger: Wildshock, Azr, Deathpunk, Aya, Barn, Wutlol, Shucu, Dispelbot, Sledgebraker, Tenne, Arkin, Nist, Vladx, Ashur, Gorilaz, Ryzorj, Aoen, Explicit, Ghramesh, Palaremzisr, Onslaughtt, Rakoon, Electrolox, Funkstar, Seras, Nekromata, Dualwarr, Ninlil, Marvolo, Gerice

60x Tabard of the Lightbringer: Debil, Janosvitez, Drshock, Nightkill, Qrtpsdfghjko, Hollow, Apheleon, Senil, Lixei, Nightmarel, Aimless, Zazir, Ovidiu, Venoxiszor, Dubsttep, Zuzuba, Kagula, Wilard, Tamara, Izy, Duracell, Shareena, Fanatikil, Zoopey, Anihilition, Gridar, Nemesix, Donci, Yoiteqt, Lightsaber, Pedox, Deathblow, Salia, Palatina, Waterlily, Laidback, Zehll, Vanthus, Frozendeath, Deeaxd, Thanatoss, Alarel, Vanillaftw, Ritual, Tzoni, Shekinah, Marbles, Kethral, Gravemind, Brightblade, Marinhio, Okor, Ubijelol, Lafielowa, Exorcistu, Xrayp, Stiiffler, Boogieman, Equillibrium, Skullcrusher

150x 50.000 gold: Consueloa, Midnight, Pisi, Ras, Kennyb, Zeus, Knivez, Stropinelus, Flix, Tastemyhaste, Xertlol, Windfury, Yakudoo, Randomguy, Saske, Hao, Raya, Nightbann, Healulol, Seyn, Gamble, Iwin, Zmyx, Totemkamon, Pompi, Survival, Poofieboo, Zeroknimic, Kalamist, Deatky, Daylight, Dilia, Skimy, Unfaith, Gany, Carrion, Meclicious, Lula, Baltos, Crystywolf, Nitromage, Iwassadistic, Miminsteel, Fullga, Gorrax, Micraw, Onyxz, Yamamotto, Utopianul, Many, Reira, Serene, Tellus, Nebunnu, Valkyrion, Tamaie, Nemesis, Attak, Ovidyu, Bizy, Nonsens, Liondis, Taticuvostru, Miracle, Pyralis, Razzonn, Maximuzz, Lttlman, Dogydk, Marsui, Vyper, Kushinau, Peiraia, Lough, Ilona, Siilence, Miricas, Burnoutmann, Jeyden, Kency, Kissmyaoe, Armandu, Bebyka, Moonshards, Silhouette, Runeric, Stepson, Xty, Gilidar, Shaed, Clint, Ruskisekac, Piccolo, Dakizz, Inka, Wantedxx, Icypala, Flashbang, Pusistyle, Untouchable, Deathlight, Hellrock, Muc, Mariany, Discomatic, Abaracadaver, Ziranzhinu, Dkabuto, Lifeandfaith, Varnhageny, Elementalqq, Kasellie, Spok, Trhall, Fuzion, Coldon, Ignorance, Aleodor, Macxii, Xenaia, Drkadzija, Helax, Permaflex, Bombasdik, Sterix, Herettenna, Ikthurs, Shelbyy, Xiller, Mefiesto, Ozzbourne, Starsene, Jiro, Dyserria, Rapadinha, Smile, Shup, Zolli, Avanguard, Smokegreen, Gorotex, Everest, Traff, Salo, Blight, Zalekozbg, Toxic, Leonydaz, Sephirotth, Daemien

Wednesday, January 29 2014, 18:09:06

Today is the day WoW Freakz celebrates its 4 years anniversary! It's been a long ride but we got far, 2 major expansions (until now), we thank you everyone for being together with us. We are having a lottery with various rewards, sign up here, more info here

P.S.: Login ingame for a cool surprise !

Friday, January 17 2014, 07:59:44
We made some changes to the voting script, make sure you follow the steps EXACTLY as mentioned on that page in order to receive vote points.

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