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Wednesday, August 20 2014, 17:50:39
Current PvP season will be ending on 1st of September. All arena(2v2 and 3v3) teams will be deleted and a special tournament will be held with the top 16 3v3 teams on 4-5 September. More info here. Please ask any question in that topic. Top 8 2v2 teams will also be rewarded with PvP Titles.

Wednesday, August 20 2014, 13:52:47
We have added mobile/phone payments for more countries. Newly supported countries: Moldova, Morocco, Georgia, Canada, Guatemala, Israel, Macedonia, Montenegro, Singapore, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ecuador, Panama, Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia, Jamaica, New Zealand, Pakistan, Paraguay, Tunisia

Check the non-romanian payments page to see all available payment methods for your country !

PS: Compare/Inspect achievements has been fixed !

Thursday, August 14 2014, 22:39:15
Madness of Deathwing is coming soon !

Spine of Deathwing video:

Monday, August 11 2014, 06:40:09
We know there are several players who lost their accounts long time ago (due to various matters) and would love to get them back. If you are one of them, read this

Wednesday, August 06 2014, 04:48:01
We have done various improvements to the NPC Finder / Item Finder , they now correctly show all loots / drops / loot sources, like Pickpocketing (example), Milling (example), Prospecting (example) or what does a bag/item contain (example)

Wednesday, July 30 2014, 08:17:09
The Lich King is waiting for you once again ! Valithria Dreamwalker and Sindragosa are also available !

Friday, July 25 2014, 07:24:43
We have readded the live streams script (currently for, more info on the forums

- NEW: I turned the comments section into a much cooler real instant chat
- NEW: I added .stream status and .stream this is a comment blabla commands to allow players to view stream status ingame or post comments to the players watching the stream on the site

Monday, July 14 2014, 20:08:43
REALMS MERGE IS COMPLETE ! Genesis and Exodus are now a single realm: Genesis ! Here are some info you should know:
- We deleted all level 1 characters which were created only for keeping names occupied, a total of 45.000 characters were deleted, your long-desired name may now be available
- As already mentioned in the recent announcements, some characters got a forced rename (allowing you to choose a new name) in case there were duplicate char names after the merge. Those with recent login and/or bigger played time and/or bigger level kept their name. Please don't ask to keep your old name if you were renamed
- Arena teams were also renamed (the team with the highest rating kept the name)
- Guilds were also renamed (the guild with the bigger level and/or with the most achievements kept the name). In case your guild was renamed, the guildmaster has received a bonus to use in the WOW SHOP page to change the guild name FOR FREE (this can be used for only 14 days)
- We have created 2 global channels, global_en and global_ro. When you login you will be automatically assigned to one of them depending on your account language (which you can change with .language command). You can also join both channels if you want
- Your interface/macro/addon settings might have been reset. To fix this issue go to your WOW installation folder, go to the WTF folder => Account folder => YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME folder => and rename the 'Genesis - Romanian' or 'Exodus - International' folders to 'Genesis'
- We increased the XP rate from 10x to 15x to allow easier leveling

- We also removed all mutes and almost all bans (except those for heavy exploits, etc)

- The sever may require some stabilization, please have patience for a couple of days

Thursday, July 10 2014, 20:09:54
We've added a new fun script for PVE fans, boss timers! (you can find the link on the site in the left QUICK LINKS box)
It shows:
- all completed raids for all guilds (or PUG raids) with various info about the groups (
- best times for each boss from a raid on heroic difficulties (
- best times for a specific boss on all difficulties (
- Top 10 best times for a specific boss on a specific difficulty (
The script started to collect data only from today, older raids are not taken in consideration ! More info on the forums

P.S.: We gave +10 vote points to all those that voted in the last 3 days due to the issue we had yesterday with voting sites

Showing latest fixes for Cataclysm 4.3.4 (07/02/2014): (Click here to see more server fixes)
- NPC Finder will now show for what quests an NPC must be killed
Well of Eternity
- Peroth'arn
- Queen Azshara
- Mannoroth
Throne of the Tides
- NPCs / trash (normal mode level, normal & heroic hp/mana/armor/damage/spawntime)
- Lady Naz'jar
- Commander Ulthok
- Erunak Stonespeaker / Mindbender Ghur'sha
- Ozumat
Halls of Origination
- NPCs / trash (normal mode level, normal & heroic hp/mana/armor/damage/spawntime)
- Temple Guardian Anhuur
- Earthrager Ptah
- Anraphet
- Isiset
- Ammunae
- Setesh
- Rajh
Dragon Soul
- Blizzlike loot
- Warmaster Blackhorn exploit with Taunt @ Shockwave
- Warmaster Blackhorn combat state teleport exploit
- Warmaster Blackhorn won't instantly kill pets with AoE spells anymore
- Yor'sahj exploit with Invisibility @ Mana Void
- Ultraxion spec change exploit
Baradin Hold
- Occu'thar Searing Shadows interrupt exploits
The Stonecore
- Trash scripted
Magister's Terrace
- Bosses can now be afflicted with diseases too
The Shattered Halls
- Grand Warlock Nethekurse loot problems
Sunwell Plateau
- Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, Engineering recipes drop
- Sealed Tome buffs exploits
Misc Achievements
- The Fishing Diplomat
- Dinner Impossible
- Torch Juggler
- Taking the Show on the Road
- Full Caravan
- You'll Feel Right as Rain
- King of the Spider-Hill
- Bounce
- Blastenheimer Bullseye
PvE Achievements
- Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
- Prince of Tides
- Throne of the Tides
- Heroic: Throne of the Tides
- Heroic: The Culling of Stratholme Guild Run
- Heroic: Drak'Tharon Keep Guild Run
- Heroic: Halls of Stone Guild Run
- Heroic: End Time Guild Run
- Heroic: Well of Eternity Guild Run
- Heroic: Throne of the Tides Guild Run
- You Don't Have an Eternity - Guild Edition
- He Feeds On Your Tears - Guild Edition
Misc Guild Achievements
- Bushels and Bushels
- Mighty Miners
- Everyone Needs a Logo
PvP Achievements
- The Grip Reaper
- Damage Control
- Wrecking Ball
Battle for Gilneas Achievements
- Out of the Fog
- One Two Three You Don't Know About Me
- Newbs to Plowshares
- Battle for Gilneas All-Star
- Battle for Gilneas Assassin
Twin Peaks Achievements
- Peak Speed
- I'm in the White Lodge
- I'm in the Black Lodge
- Drag a Maw
- Wild Hammering
- Cloud Nine
- Soaring Spirits
Eye of the Storm Achievements
- Stormtrooper
- Stormy Assassin
- Flurry
- Take a Chill Pill
Arathi Basin Achievements
- Disgracin' The Basin
- Arathi Basin All-Star
- Arathi Basin Assassin
- Let's Get This Done
- Overly Defensive
Warsong Gulch Achievements
- Warsong Expedience
- Frenzied Defender
- Not So Fast
- Not In My House
- Not In My House
- Ironman
Alterac Valley Achievements
- Alterac Valley All-Star
- The Alterac Blitz
- Stormpike Perfection
- Frostwolf Perfection
- Our .raid command (our Raid Finder) can now be used while muted
- Our .raid command (our Raid Finder) is now cross faction
- Cluster Clutch quest (for The Sleeper and The Dreamer, 406 ilvl daggers) is now available to rogues
- Non-permanent pets now has Assist as default stance
- All Non-permanent pets now correctly attack when one of them attacks
- Non-permanent pets now attack the target when the owner attacks
- Pets arena buffs exploits with pet resummon
- Guild tabard won't give honor increase anymore but guild reputation increase
- Party / raid stats buffs (like Power Word: Fortitude, Abomination's Might, Fel Intelligence,etc) won't affect pets twice anymore (once because of the buff itself and second because of owner stats inheriting)
- Aromatic Honey Brew exploits while falling / jumping
- Will of Unbinding Mass Resurrection exploit
- More Titanium Vein added
- All Tol Barad quests now award 50 Honor Points and 200 gold
- Southern Barrens Graveyard spawn
- Design: Rhinestone Sunglasses added to Poseidus, Mobus, Garr, Xariona, Akma'hat, Julak-Doom loot
- Captured Firefly drop rate
- Shattrath Portal added in The Silver Enclave
- Missing recipes from Kaye Toogie have been added
- Other 10 exploits
Dungeons / Dungeon Finder
- Can't enter dungeons while encounter in progress (same as raids)
- Dungeon Finder is now cross faction
- Luck of the Draw stacks depending of the number of random party members
- Solo tanks and healers will receive Satchel of Exotic Mysteries for each finished dungeon
- Each 15 finished random dungeons will award raid finder bags which contain ilvl 384 Raid Finder items (you need to get the quests from Archmage Lan'dalock)
- Intimidating Shout not being able to be removed with Berserker Rage sometimes
- Guardian of Ancient Kings weapon skin
- Hunter's Mark now has a maximum duration of 30 seconds in PvP
- Camouflage won't be removed by Hunter's Mark anymore
- Sic 'Em!
- Trap Launcher problems being cast at the position of the hunter (when it was cast very fast) instead of showing the green circle to choose destination
- Glyph of Raptor Strike now procs from crits too
- Smoke Bomb now ignores Divine Shield / Ice Block / other immunities
- Mind Control problems allowing target to freely move when expired but while the target was still having roots / fear / etc
- Borrowed Time is now consumed by Penance too
- Shadowy Apparition won't be affected by AoE heals anymore
- Power Word: Fortitude stacking with Qiraji Fortitude
Death Knight
- Ghoul spells and problems with normal & transformed stuns not having shared cooldown
- Ghoul now benefits from the Death Knight's haste realtime, not just when summoned
- Ghoul won't benefit from the Death Knight's armor anymore
- Ghoul will now benefit from the Death Knight's crit chance
- Ghoul Dark Transformation exploits
- Problemele cu Gnaw not doing anything most of the times
- Blood Boil won't generate Runic Power anymore when not in combat
- Spiritwalker's Grace no CD exploit
- Freeze no CD exploit
- Combustion won't ignore damage reductions anymore even if they're applied after Combustion was applied
- Demonic Circle: Teleport soul shards gain in arena
- Rip damage
- Eclipse system (now correctly shows the direction, indicating the next eclipse and also spells now correctly give lunar/solar energy, depending on direction)
- Energy regen problems when shapeshifting into/out of/relogging while Cat Form with various haste/energy regen buffs/items
Other small fixes
- Added all Scropid recipes to Southsea Strongarm
- Gnaz Blunderflame now sells Schematic: Mechanical Dragonling recipe.
- Plans: Golden Scale Coif added to vendor
- Plans: phantom Blade added in loot table.
- Pattern: Cindercloth Vest drop
- Recipe: Greater Nature Potion added to vendor
- Pattern: Cindercloth Pants drop rate
- Lava Core drop rate
- Pattern: High Society Top Hat drop rate
- Rosary of Light ICD
- Cataclysmic Gladiator's Insignia of Dominance ICD
- Varo' then's Brooch ICD
- Recipes: Major Frost Potion now drops on normal too
- Grand Warlock's Amulet will now drop only if you have the required quest in your log.
- Tome of Dusk will now drop only if you have the required quest in your log.
- Pattern: Gloves of Spell Master drop rate
- Pattern: Barbaric Leggings added to vendor
- Pattern: Runecloth Bag added to vendor
- Pattern: Frostsaber Boots added to vendor
- Pattern: Black Whelp Cloack added to vendor
- Pattern: Red Woolen Bag added to vendor
- Pattern: Gem Studded Leather Belt added to vendor
- Formula: Enchant Boots Minor Agility added to vendor
- Pattern: Earthen Leather Shoulders added to vendor
- Pattern: Nightscape Shoulders added to vendor
- Pattern: Heavy Leather Ball added to vendor
- Pattern: Murloc Scale Belt added to vendor
- Pattern: Murloc Scale Breastplate added to vendor
- Pattern: Barbaric Bracers added to vendor
- Pattern: Green Whelp Bracers added to vendor
- School of Darter more spawns
- Design: Precise Scarlet Ruby drop
- Pattern: Devilsaur Leggings added to vendor
- Pattern: Arcane Armor Kit drop
- Pattern: Nature Armor Kit drop
- Pattern: Frost Armor Kit drop
- Pattern: Stylin Purple Hat drop

Saturday, June 28 2014, 04:38:00
We've added the possibility to pay through SMS for non-romanian players too, check the wow shop to see if your country supports SMS payments. Please keep in mind that non-romanian SMS payments have higher fees than other non-romanian payment methods.

Also, this new SMS payment method is an experimental one, there may be a chance we will have to remove it depending on how the players react to it.

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