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Tuesday, December 01 2015, 13:52:25
The ingame Calendar system has been fully updated to MoP and fixed, you can now create personal events, guild events, guild announcements, etc. You can also see server raid resets and your instance cooldown resets

Tuesday, December 01 2015, 00:00:04
Lottery for November has ended ! Winners are: Sisya, Rastamanman, Dkbeetle
Each of them received Green Fire Hawk, congratulations !

The lottery for December has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Monday, November 30 2015, 12:23:10
Arena Ladder @ Armory has been implemented, including battleground statistics (the bg stats are not retroactive, those are counted starting from now)

Saturday, November 21 2015, 19:24:04
The PvE Public Test Realm we were talking about on the forums is now live. Currently we want you to test the first wing of Throne of Thunder (first 3 bosses). Please report all bugs / issues / exploits here (you'll also find info about the test realm there). Since we no longer have closed PvE test realms, there might be lots of bugs at first, that's why we need you to test and report any bug you find so we can fix them before bosses go live

Thursday, November 19 2015, 13:17:30
Good news for achievement lovers, we've done some fixes to the achievement system and fixed a lot of achievements:

- Heroic: Halls of Stone
- Infernal Ambassadors
- Flawless Victory
- Timely Death
- Good Grief
- Gotta Go!
- Volazj's Quick Demise
- Zombiefest!
- Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!
- Rotten to the Core
- School's Out Forever
- They're Coming Out of the Walls (10 player) / They're Coming Out of the Walls (25 player)
- Con-speed-atory (10 player) / Con-speed-atory (25 player)
- I'll Take You All On (10 player) / I'll Take You All On (25 player)
- The Keepers of Ulduar (10 player) / The Keepers of Ulduar (25 player)
- The Frozen Throne (10 player) / The Frozen Throne (25 player)
- The Frostwing Halls (10 player) / The Frostwing Halls (25 player)
- The Plagueworks (10 player) / The Plagueworks (25 player)
- The Crimson Hall (10 player) / The Crimson Hall (25 player)
- Storming the Citadel (10 player) / Storming the Citadel (25 player)
- More Dots! (10 player) / More Dots! (25 player)
- He's Not Getting Any Older (10 player) / He's Not Getting Any Older (25 player)
- Must Deconstruct Faster (10 player) / Must Deconstruct Faster (25 player)
- Stokin' the Furnace (10 player) / Stokin' the Furnace (25 player)
- You Don't Have an Eternity (10 player) / You Don't Have an Eternity (25 player)
- Make Quick Werk of Him (10 player) / Make Quick Werk of Him (25 player)

- Bloodthirsty Berserker
- Twin Peaks Mountaineer
- Take a Chill Pill
- Peak Speed
- Newbs to Plowshares
- Let's Get This Done
- Warsong Expedience
- Flurry
- The Alterac Blitz

- Ready, Set, Goat!
- My Very Own Broodmother
- Ready for RAAAAIIIIDDD?!?ing
- Bombs Away
- Blade's Edge Bomberman
- Rapid Defense

- The Rocket's Red Glare
- Frenzied Firecracker
- The Rocket's Pink Glare

- Greedy
- Needy
- Critter Gitter

Thursday, November 12 2015, 17:00:52
Strand of the Ancients has been implemented (including all SOTA achievements) !

Wednesday, November 11 2015, 21:29:20
We have finally stabilized the server, thank you for your long patience. We have awarded everyone active in the past weeks with at least one 90 level char 100 vote points ! Have fun spending !

Tuesday, November 03 2015, 17:24:35

PvP Mercenary Mode (cross-faction battlegrounds) has arrived to WoW Freakz in an attempt to decrease battlegrounds queue waiting time as much as possible. Please think twice before starting with the well-known 'omg you are ruining the idea of battlegrounds', keep in mind that nobody wants to stay in queue forever, people just want to play and have fun as soon as possible. This decision was taken after carefully watching the battleground queues on our server in the past period and after so many players talked about this over and over. Also, don't forget, PvP Mercenary mode is blizzlike (they introduced this mechanic too, only difference on WoW Freakz is that mercenary mode is automatically enabled for all players) !

Friday, October 30 2015, 22:42:23
Grand Empress Shek'zeer @ Heart of Fear is fully live !

Monday, October 12 2015, 18:13:47

Freakz is offering a FREE GTA 5 CD-KEY through a lottery, more info here

Monday, October 12 2015, 18:49:29
We have done some changes to PvP:
- Base resilience increased from
60% to 65%
- Implemented a new, better MMR system
- Partially resetted the
Arena Ladder
- Equalized the MMR and Personal Ratings for all players
- Increased base conquest points cap from
1350 to 1800 (updated @ 10/12/2015)

Remember ! At the end of each phase / season we will reward the top players from the 3v3 bracket with PvP titles, mounts, etc and some smaller rewards for 2v2 bracket too !

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