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Monday, August 03 2015, 20:56:09
We're proud to announce that we already have 9 fully working & scripted scenarios after only 2 weeks of implementing the scenarios system.

In this time we also implemented final boss @ Mogu'shan Vaults (Will of the Emperor), some old dungeons (like The Vortex Pinnacle) and some old raid bosses (like Cho'gall and Sinestra). More will come in the following period.

Monday, August 03 2015, 00:47:30
Will of the Emperor @ Mogu'shan Vaults presentation video:

Saturday, August 01 2015, 00:00:04
Lottery for July has ended ! Winners are: Odysei, Quertus, Gerdal
Each of them received Ironbound Proto-Drake, congratulations !

The lottery for August has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Thursday, July 30 2015, 17:35:49
WoW Freakz: Mists of Pandaria review by MrGamemasterReviews:

Friday, July 24 2015, 21:21:53
Will of the Emperor @ Mogu'shan Vaults loot and achievements will be enabled after the reset from Friday morning. Important notice: HEROIC mode for THE WHOLE MOGUSHAN VAULTS RAID will be DISABLED until Friday night around 8 PM (GMT+2). This means you will NOT be able to do heroic mode Mogushan Vaults until we enable them in the evening. We want to do this to have a race for the Realm First! Will of the Emperor achievement !

Thursday, July 16 2015, 17:34:16
We have enabled the scenarios system, currently we've only enabled only few of them but more will be added in the following period

Thursday, July 16 2015, 12:25:06
The biggest gaming community from Romania,, celebrates its 9 YEARS birthday today ! We're proud of how it evolved in all these years and thank you for being a part of it, we have millions of forum posts and hundreds of thousands of weekly users. We're also having a lottery with various prizes:

- 9
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) CD-KEYs
- +30 forum reputation for everyone (you can convert it into vote points)
- 9 fly mounts at choice for WoW players

For more info read here

Saturday, July 11 2015, 16:52:14
Did someone say SCENARIOS ? Yes we did! Scenarios are coming to WoW Freakz soon, FIRST PRIVATE SERVER WITH SCENARIOS ! Some spoilers:

Friday, July 10 2015, 18:54:24
The Spirit Kings & Gara'jal the Spiritbinder & Elegon @ Mogu'shan Vaults presentation videos:

Monday, June 22 2015, 21:26:29
Elegon @ Mogu'shan Vaults is live !

Showing latest fixes for Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 (06/25/2015): (Click here to see more server fixes)
- Here is a list of latest fixes, as you may have seen we've been focusing on all important aspects of the game: PvP (classes, arenas, battlegrounds), PvE (raids, dungeons), world events, achievements, professions, quests, item upgrade, guild system, etc. Some other fixes might be implemented too but not written down here because we simply can't keep track of the hundreds of fixes we're doing constantly.
Mogu'shan Vaults
The Spirit Kings
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
Terrace of Endless Spring
Protectors of the Endless
Lei Shi
Stormstout Brewery
Yan-Zhu the Uncasked
- 100% blizzlike spawns
- Trash Scripted
- Loot Templates
- Quest chains
- Damage, HP and armor blizzlike.
- Progress count for achievements with progress bar
- Realm Firsts achievements
- Heroic: Scarlet Monastery
- Shado-Pan Monastery
- Heroic: Shado-Pan Monastery
- Scarlet Monastery
- Heroic: Shado-Pan Monastery Guild Run
- Added rewards for Mists of Pandaria achievements.
- Tol'viron Arena
- The Tiger's Peak
- Arena System updated to MoP
- Arena Rating requirment for PvP sets
- Glyph of Thunder Strike
- Second Wind sa fie afectat de Arena Dampening
- Glyph of Enraged Speed
- Colossus Smash bypassing players armor
- Dragon Roar damage and to ignore armor
- Bladestorm and Whirlwind shouldn't trigger offhand attack if there is no offhand weapon equipped
- Overpower now reduces Mortal Strike's cooldown
- Sudden Death execute part
- Temporary summons AoE buffs ( banners )
- Intimidating Shout DR
- Intervene removing movement impairing effect and don't allow using while rooted
- Glyph of Bull Rush
- Glyph of Crow Feast
- Glyph of Mortal Strike being a debuff
- Glyph of Colossus Smash
- Glyph of the Blazing Trail
- Beacon of Light mechanic
- Guardian of Ancient Kings no longer dies from AoE damage.
- Shield of the Righteous damage, it no longer benefits from holy charge
- Holy power cost for spells that can consume up to 3 charges
- Glyph of Avenging Wrath
- Execution Sentence damage
- Word of Glory holy power cost
- Divine Protection - Usable while stunned
- Holy Radiance - Now gives Holy Power
- Retribution 4 piece bonus - Added ICD
- Glyph of the Alabaster Shield - Fixed proc
- Glyph of Fire from the Heavens
- Glyph of Flash of Light
- Glyph of Denounce
- Glyph of Illumination
- Glyph of Beacon of Light
- Glyph of Divine Storm
- Selfless Healer - Stacks are now correctly consumed
- Holy Prism - Now heals the paladin even if he has Divine Shield
- Word of Glory heal
- Blinding Light being removed by Censure
- Divine Purpose proc
- Holy Shock crit chance
- Glyph of Divine Storm
- Sanctity of Battle
- Glyph of Bladed Judgment
- Glyph of the Mounted King
- Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous
- Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice
- Glyph of Divine Shield
- PvP Power for melee and ranged weapon damage attacks/autoattacks
- All pets inherit 100% of the master's crit, hit, expertise, haste, ranged attack power
- Pet HP scaling
- Glyph of Disengage
- Entrapment
- Freezing Trap can target invisible/stealthed/camouflaged units
- Ranged attack can be dodged
- Camouflage now applies to pet too.
- Glyph of Camouflage
- Glyph of Solace
- Glyph of Explosive Trap
- Spirit Bond @ Battle Fatigue \ Dampening
- Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah
- Glyph of Liberation
- Glyph of Mirrored Blades
- Posthaste
- A Murder of Crows is now longer removed by invulnerability spells
- Glaive Toss when casting on another hunter
- Subterfuge
- Blade Flurry shouldn't deal damage to nearby targets when player has Killing Spree
- Find Weakness armor reduction in PvP
- Bandit's Guile no longer resets when switching target
- Blade Flurry no longer trigger poisons
- Sanguinary Vein
- Shadowstep can now be used on any target
- Atonement crit chance
- Divine Aegis cap from max hp
- Divine Aegis to proc from Halo / Cascade / Divine Star
- Divine Aegis crit part for Power Word: Shield
- Glyph of Mind Spike charges
- Glyph of Mass Dispel
- Glyph of Levitate
- Glyph of Shadowy Friends
- Glyph of the Heavens
- Glyph of Leap of Faith
Death Knight
- Death Gate and Runeforging skills
- Glyph of Death and Decay
- Pets HP, should be 50% of master's HP
- Glyph of Swift Death
- Gargoyle Strike attack power coefficient & should benefit from Mastery: Dreadblade
- Pestilence now spreads diseases at their normal damage
- Pestilence now also copies diseases side effects (like Physical Vulnerability, Weakened Blows, Chilblains)
- Haste from Unholy Presence & various resources
- Necrotic Strike attack power and PvP Power scaling
- Relentless Grip
- Pets shouldn't have 200 energy, but 100
- Anti-Magic Shell runic power generation
- Desecrated Ground immunities
- Spells copied Dark Simulacrum with unlimited duration should have 1m duration for the Death Knight
- Glyph of Unholy Frenzy
- Don't allow Gorefiend's Grasp to pierce Anti-Magic Shell
- Glyph of the Geist
- Gnaw & Monstrous Blow no longer have energy requirement
- Glyph of the Skeleton
- Glyph of the Loud Horn
- Far Sight cannot be used indoors
- Searing Flames
- Rushing Streams
- Elemental Fury
- Elemental Focus
- Lava Burst damage increase if target has Flame Shock
- Glyph of Flaming Serpents
- Maelstrom Weapon
- Unleashed Fury for Earthliving Weapon and Rockbitter Weapon
- Ascendance should instantly remove Lava Burst cooldown
- Primal Elementalist
- Totemic Projection
- Glyph of Shamanistic Rage
- Glyph of Flame Shock
- Glyph of the Spectral Wolf
- Spiritwalker's Aegis
- Earthliving Weapon proc
- Windfury Weapon proc chance
- Glyph of Lightning Shield
- Mage Portals
- Glyph of Deep Freeze
- Living Bomb should explode if reapplied right before last tick
- Summon Water Elemental @ Freeze to give Fingers of Frost charge for each target hit
- Alter Time should also save stacks
- Frozen Orb should trigger Fingers of Frost when reaching first target
- Frostfire Bolt cast through Brain Freeze no longer benefits from Fingers of Frost but directly from Brain Freeze (the bonus damage part)
- Glyph of Blink
- Glyph of Stellsteal
- Glyph of Splitting Ice to remove only one charge of Fingers of Frost regardless of how many targets it hits
- Glyph of Ice Block
- Shatter crit chance
- Pets energy no longer becomes mana after mount\dismount
- Soulshatter health cost
- Blood Horror health cost
- Haunt initial damage
- Chaos Bolt damage to be increased by critical strike
- Void Ray
- Soul Link
- Chaos Bolt @ Havoc should only hit additional target if that target has at least 3 stacks of Havoc
- Seed of Corruption via Soulburn
- Shadowburn now generates mana or burning embers
- Agony stacking
- Demonic Circle: Teleport via Soulburn
- Soulburn: Soul Swap
- Unending Breath via Soulburn
- Soul Swap to copy Corruption too
- Drain Life via Soulburn
- Chaos Bolt is now affected by mastery
- Mastery: Master Demonologist
- Fix Soul Swap to always leave old DoTs behind and to copy the duration and stacks amount too
- Drain Soul spellpower scaling
- Shadowburn should generate 2 Burning Embers after killing a target
- Chaos Bolt should consume 3 Backdraft charges and shouldn't be affeected if Backdraft has less than 3 charges
- Backdraft charges
- Chaos Bolt damage Emberstorm mastery scaling
- Don't allow Backdraft to affect Incinerate @ Fire and Brimstone, only normal Incinerate (with mana cost) should be affected by Backdraft mana cost reduce
- Glyph of Soulwell
- Ember Tap should be affected by Emberstorm mastery
- Glyph of Shadow Bolt
- Felhunter: Spell Lock school prohibiting
- Pets energy should be haste dependent
- Glyph of Imp Swarm
- Backdraft mana cost reduction for incinerate
- Glyph of Hand of Gul'dan
- Glyph of Siphon Life
- Unbound Will health cost
- Hand of Gul'Dan
- Glyph of Life Tap
- Pandemic
- Agony stack formula and to not recalculate snapshots when it increases its stacks by itself on tick
- Allow Backdraft to affect Incinerate @ Fire and Brimstone but only for the cast time reduce not for the spell cost
- Glyph of Healthstone
- Haunt damage increase for DoTs by 40%
- Drain Life spellpower scaling
- Swift Flight Form
- Infected Wounds shouldn't apply on Druid from Mangle
- Shooting Stars proc
- Bear Form generate 10 rage and to not reset energy when entering Cat Form
- Teleport: Moonglade
- Rip damage
- Mastery: Nature's Guardian
- Thick Hide
- Berserk now removes Mangle Cooldown on cast
- Swipe bleeding increase
- Savage Defense
- Genesis to be casted only on raid members with Rejuvenation on them
- Living Seed
- Regrowth
- Innervate
- Lifebloom
- Ferocious Bite
- Dream of Cenarius
- Nature's Vigil
- Might of Ursoc increase health based on maximum health, not current health
- Frenzied Regeneration formula
- Might of Ursoc should be removed when shapeshifting out of bear form
- Cyclone DR @ Symbiosis
- Force of Nature
- Soul of the Forest
- Dash no longer stacks with similar effects
- Faerie Swarm
- Faerie Fire PvP duration
- Faerie Fire mangle reset
- Ferocious Bite damage
- Wild Mushroom @ Restoration spec
- Symbiosis giving spells based on current talent specialization
- Rebirth
- Glyph of Rebirth
- Glyph of the Stag
- Nature's Grasp
- Glyph of the Treant
- Glyph of Savageru
- Killer Instinct
- Skull Bash mana cost increase
- Might of Ursoc don't lose the health gain @ current HP when the effect ends
- Glyph of Fae Silence
- Glyph of Stampede
- Glyph of Prowl
- Glyph of Shred
- Incarnation: King of the Jungle
- Glyph of Predator
- Incarnation: Son of Urson no longer bugs armor
- Vengeance for Brewmaster spec
- Legacy of the Emperor stacking problems
- Cannibalize added for Undead Monks
- Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
- Disable @ DR and to only refresh at last tick
- Fists of Fury is now controlled stun @ DR
- Glyph of Life Cocoon
- Touch of Death should ignore armor/resilience/etc and should deal damag equal to target's max HP, not current
- Glyph of Paralysis
- Healing Sphere expire part
- Various spells are no longer affected by spellpower
- Transcendence trigger shouldn't be targetable / attackable and fix range to be 40 yards
- Glyph of Enduring Healing Sphere
- Glyph of Nimble Brew
- Muscle Memory
- Charging Ox Wave
- Detox only dispel magic debuffs on Mistweaver spec (through Internal Medicine)
- Glyph of Detox
- Renewing Mist spellpower scaling
- Glyph of Fists of Fury
- Monks can parry too now
World Events
- Children's Week
- Midsummer Fire Festival
- Multiple crashes, server is much more stable now
- Multiple exploits
- World PvP
- Buff Stacking system rewrite
- Fix PvP Power for melee and ranged weapon damage attacks/autoattacks
- Vengeance correct formula \ proc
- Companions are now automatically converted into battle pets on first login
- Talent trees reset for monks when in a shapeshift form
- Racial mount vendors
- Allow equipping items from the vote/wow shop without level requirement if player is below level 85 not level 90
- Dual Spec
- Conquest Points cap
- Account wide mounts
- Custom XP is now working for Mists of Pandaria realm
- Guild Vendor Achievements requirment
- Removed guild reputation cap
- Item Upgrade
- Alchemy Trinket: Zen Alchemist Stone proc
- Jewelcrafting research
- Alchemist's Flask
- Cooking specializations
- Ghost Mode Flight in Pandarian Zones.
- Block Chance
- Faction bonus reputation @ Dungeon Finder
- Update base resilience to 65%, battle fatigue to 30%
- Archaeology system updated to MoP
- Scroll of Wisdom
- Training Dummy resilience
- Guild Vaults withdraw
- Arena now ends after 20 minutes ( down from 48 )
- Vote to kick @ Dungeon Finder

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