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Tuesday, April 14 2015, 10:57:56
It has been decided ! MISTS OF PANDARIA launch date will be 20-21st April ! Server will be offline for a couple of hours / 1-2 days max for the database CATA => MOP upgrade to be done. In the mean time there will be a temporary MOP realm where anyone can join. The MOP release date was already mentioned lots of times before so this final one week notice should be ok for everyone.
This means we will fully convert the CATA realm to MOP. We won't keep any CATA realm anymore since we will move all characters to MOP but we are taking in consideration the chance that we will open a new CATA realm in the future if the population will be high enough.

Please keep in mind our development/content plan explained
here (short version: content will be progressive like it was on retail - pvp seasons, pve content, questing, professions, etc)

A changelog with the THOUSANDS of fixes we've done on MOP so far will be posted in the following days. Thank you for your patience and support. You won't be disappointed

You can download the 5.4.8 wow client here

Monday, April 06 2015, 22:20:17
We have implemented TEMPLE OF KOTMOGU battleground @ MOP test realm, please test and leave feedback on the forum !

Sunday, April 05 2015, 21:52:01
Starting from now we have enabled Battlegrounds! Currently we've enabled only some bgs to see how the battleground system works. We will add more in the following days.

UPDATE: We also implemented
WAR GAMES (including skirmish arenas) !

Wednesday, April 01 2015, 00:00:03
Lottery for March has ended ! Winners are: Shamista, Parbat, Ianculetsgo
Each of them received Mimiron's Head, congratulations !

The lottery for April has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Tuesday, March 31 2015, 22:05:09
Below you can find some teasers of our new upcoming ARMORY which will be implemented soon, we're still working on it, it's not finished yet !

Tuesday, March 31 2015, 04:05:37
UPDATE 31-03-2015: PvP Changes:
- Resilience has been fixed and
base resilience of 40% has been implemented
Battle Fatigue was implemented with a value of 30% (now affects absorbs too)
- PvP Power has been enabled in Gurubashi Arena and in duels
PvP Training Dummies have been updated (PvP Power also works on them)
- We added
DREADFUL PvP items for free at PvP Vendors (Stormwind / Orgrimmar)
Please take these in consideration when testing class spells !

Stone Guard @ Mogu'shan Vaults - enabled

Gate of the Setting Sun - enabled
Mogu'shan Palace - enabled
Shado-Pan Monastery - enabled
Siege of Niuzao Temple - enabled
Scholomance - enabled
Scarlet Monastery - enabled
Scarlet Halls - enabled
Temple of the Jade Serpent - enabled
Stormstout Brewery

All other dungeons are already scripted, will be enabled gradually these days...

Sunday, February 22 2015, 18:43:28

In case you didn't download MOP 5.4.8 client yet, you can get it here. On the test realm you will use the same account you are using in 4.3.4 (accounts are not working yet but they will start working when we launch the test realm public).
Here is how we want to do this:
1. First, we want to test Pandaren zone and level 85+ leveling zones and quests (with an XP rate of 1x since we put so much effort into scripting quests. This is not the rate we will use on the live realm, to be discussed later). This means all races start from level 85, except Pandaren which will start from level 1. Pandarens will receive instant 85 when they finish the quest chains in The Wandering Isle and choose horde/alliance faction so they can continue testing the level 85+. We also want to test world zones, vendors, spawns, creatures, etc.
Dungeons and battlegrounds / arenas will be closed for a couple of days until we make sure the server is stable enough. During these first days we also want you to test classes (they're not fully fixed and we know that, we hope you know that too). Regarding classes, in the first phase we want to test the mechanisms not the actual damage/heal/etc values. Those will be sorted out later (in case they're incorrect)
2. After a couple of days / one week we will open the battlegrounds and dungeons (and Dungeon Finder too most likely) and we'll start testing the battlegrounds and dungeons.
3. We don't know how much the test realm will take, but it will be active for one month probably (more or less, hopefully less), depending on how many bugs we encounter. We will also open a public bug report. Test realm characters will be deleted when we close the test realm and move to live !

REMINDER: THIS IS A TEST REALM ! There will be a lot of bugs, crashes, instability, etc. If you can't handle them, please don't login until we confirm the server is stable

Tuesday, February 10 2015, 20:19:08
Here is another teaser for upcoming Mists of Pandaria patch, this time for Dungeons (Gate of the Setting Sun, Temple of the Jade Serpent, Mogushan Palace, Shadopan Monastery). You'll see the rest of the dungeons in another video (or when we launch the test realm).

Regarding MoP launch date: we're hoping we will launch the MoP test realm in one week

Thursday, February 05 2015, 16:36:59
The lotteries we started last week (during WoW Freakz 5 year anniversary) have ended !

The lottery with real life prizes:

- 1x real life LIL' CHEN PANDAREN PLUSH was won by Oanna Gtm
- 1x real life FUNKO POP! VINYL DEATHWING was won by Andrija Antic
- 3x real life FREAKZ T-SHIRTS were won by: Barbir Stefan, Przemek Lewandowski and Fabi Fitt
Winners will receive a message on their facebook account with info about claiming their prizes ! If for some reason you can't communicate through facebook please send an email to

The lottery with ingame prizes:
- 10x X-53 Touring Rocket were won by: Colaftw, Tricck, Imadmed, Helena, Darckniku, Lz, Vonka, Aurelbaws, Latinolover, Hastebomb
- 20x Black Qiraji Battle Tank were won by: Necroreaver, Zerozahar, Lovin, Heals, Lovethisgame, Tarnoq, Sauvage, Loveqt, Ninja, Cleophatra, Weronika, Ryzzee, Demondo, Sasacai, Nwsdotcom, Moonfrost, Landforce, Saw, Grimnot, Ketchupdulce
- 30x Tabard of Conquest were won by: Kelorius, Arbalest, Ramppagee, Wiegott, Allianta, Elymin, Torux, Pixells, Queldawn, Frozer, Bosulik, Tric, Bebetm, Dyllen, Ultrage, Lysarae, Mezzomare, Ignabra, Aleju, Niqer, Invaiders, Cruzina, Shamyxd, Daholypimp, Scoob, Aleodor, Barn, Tipul, Onebe, Druamazing
(This tabard has 2 versions, horde and alliance. If you want the tabard for the other faction, just contact a game master through the ticket system)

Congratulations to all winners, thank you for your participation and your extremely increased interest in participating to the contest and sharing the facebook page ! We will definitely organize more lotteries like this one !

Tuesday, February 03 2015, 02:50:50
Below you can find another one of our MoP teaser videos, this time for Kun-Lai Summit (Mists of Pandaria leveling zone)

Regarding Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 test realm launch date: we have done a lot of progress with the fixes, but we want to fix even more stuffs before we launch it so you guys can get the best possible experience. Hence, we hope to launch the test realm in 2 weeks maximum, we're trying our best to make sure this is the last postponing !

Saturday, January 24 2015, 12:44:01
Migrate your character to WoW Freakz from another private server, more info here

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