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Auctionator (categories list)

Addon VersionV0300
WoW Version4.3.4 (15595)
Last DownloadMonday, May 25 2015, 23:35:51
Votes11 (Login to vote)
CategoriesAuction & Economy
DescriptionAuctionator makes the auction house easier to use, by presenting auction house listings clearly and succinctly, and by eliminating the tedium involved in posting and managing auctions.

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(02/25/2013 13:35)
I use this addon for years on retail; when alt-click on an item opens a sell page and shows all available sales by a quick scanning.. Buy or put your sale on the same page.. In our server this doesnt work :(
(02/25/2013 13:39)
Pls note that I am at Exodus.. using the proper version for 4.3.4 given addon page in our site.. P.S. Just to try I logged to another private server , addon worked perfect..
(03/15/2013 14:25)
Lam luat de aici si numerge de loc Tot la fel am incercat pe alt server merge struna il puteti repara sa merga si pe freakz
(03/20/2013 23:17)
e buguit ceva la ah . daca pui addonul sa faca full search pe urma nu mai merge nici ah , pana nu ii dai reloag , oricum nu cred ca e ceva ce vor repara , nu se implica nimeni asa cum trebuie
(03/29/2013 16:37)
Confirm, nu mai merge cum trebuie niciun fel de addon pt ah, si aici ma refer la "search for undercut" la toata lista ta de iteme puse la ah. Pacat, inainte mergea...
(03/31/2013 06:32)
not working with current version of game , AH ui problem ! this addon works at other servers perfectly but on this server not working ! no data exist on any type of searches !
(05/19/2013 18:00)
Yea too bad it doesn't work now on 4.3.4... When the server was 4.0.6a it was THE BEST Ah addon. Period. :(
(11/02/2014 00:51)
Is it working only on freakz client??Iit's not working on my client from other server as i log into freakz, but when i log into the other with same client it works.. And it does not matter which version.

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