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Addon Version4.2.3
WoW Version4.3.4 (15595)
Last DownloadTuesday, May 26 2015, 23:20:14
Votes22 (Login to vote)
CategoriesDruid, Rogue, Combat, Unit Frames
DescriptionClass resource tracking: Combo points for Rogues and Druids.

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(05/30/2013 23:30)
de cand caut un adon ca asta....e foarte folositor...
(08/19/2013 16:19)
can please someone explain this to me ?!
(10/03/2013 18:36)
Simplu si tare :)
(10/19/2013 21:46)
Sorry for being late with the answer but i was inactive for a while . Ok. Let me explain. Let's take the following example:
(10/19/2013 21:49)
Like u probably know your key bindings are the same , no matter the spec.with this addon i can have different bindings for primary and secondary specs, wich normaly isn't possible.
(10/19/2013 21:54)
Cause if u noticed the Key Bindings are "Character Specific" so this addon will allow u to make two profiles for each spec.
(10/19/2013 21:55)
I hope this will help you.
(10/19/2013 21:56)
Oops ! Wrong section . Srry
(06/23/2014 19:41)
Simplu si folositor .
(11/18/2014 01:42)
ce face mai exact acest addon?
(02/05/2015 11:15)
te ajuta sa urmaresti foarte usor cambourile de la rog / druid feral inclusiv si la dk in functie de rune e foarte bun iti apare ca niste buline sunt 5 cand se umple inseamna ca ai maxim cambo si iti poti face rotatia

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