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Friday, February 12 2016, 13:34:28
Megaera @ Throne of Thunder has been implemented, both normal + heroic.

Monday, February 08 2016, 12:56:53
The lottery @ WoW Freakz 6 years anniversary has ended ! Thank you everyone for participating and for your kind words ! Winners:

- 1x real life FUNKO POP! VINYL DEATHWING: Vlad Cirstea (extraction proof)
- 6x Warforged Nightmare: Wei, Zencorp, Levyn, Fixurface, Zarelithia, Whiskyftw
- 6x Winged Guardian: Rellons, Belitpulit, Justbabe, Felmist, Addierick, Pinkshock
- 16x 66k gold: Cazar, Betacaroten, Agaven, Bunoka, Steffangeles, Unfaith, Takaro, Zankoo, Taliz, Vazniel, Poohx, Impakt, Elym, Zagann, Lastimmortal, Shadowtrial
- 66x Tabard of the Defender (we switched the reward from Tabard of the Void to Tabard of the Defender because too many people had the tabard from the Christmas presents): Alnitak, Alri, Anttrax, Balkiriam, Bigwtf, Bloodsurge, Calirofer, Carius, Coii, Darko, Darkyknight, Distrutio, Eleanor, Fullga, Ganancia, Ganjjaman, Gertria, Ghalan, Hacino, Hteck, Julissa, Katoriu, Kennyt, Khaz, Lightofmoon, Matrixx, Mijloc, Minkt, Motul, Mullrraa, Nubkin, Nwsdotcom, Omgitsakyzor, Orcotus, Pabum, Playtowin, Qriel, Qumpex, Restopal, Siilverblade, Skorpiys, Skullcrash, Tarkonwtf, Tecsomanu, Tharyell, Thecrowz, Varosh, Vick, Warrspintees, Yifftoy, Chrislelele, Steelix, Krematorium, Rhyhorn, Wrathone, Headess, Valkyrys, Magyartank, Ryukeen, Deimos, Luxorr, Zeene, Aphocalypse, Mandokyr, Xanastus, Kunlun

Thursday, February 04 2016, 15:05:28
Ji-Kun & Tortos @ HEROIC Throne of Thunder are now live !

Monday, February 01 2016, 00:00:03
Lottery for January has ended ! Winners are: Nubkins, Warrkiller, Badjuixy
Each of them received Winged Guardian, congratulations !

The lottery for February has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Friday, January 29 2016, 12:01:07
It's been a long road but here we are ! WoW Freakz has grown up, 6 years ! Whoah, that's a long time... thank you everyone for being part of this great community.
We gave +50 vote points for everyone who voted in the last year at least once !

We're also having 2 lotteries:
One lottery with
In order to participate to this lottery you need to share this facebook post on your facebook profile. After one week we will select 1 random player from the list of people that shared the post (MAKE SURE YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE IS PUBLIC SO WE CAN SEE YOU SHARED THE POST)

And one lottery with ingame prizes:

- 6x Warforged Nightmare
- 6x Winged Guardian
- 66x Tabard of the Defender
- 16x 66k gold
In order to participate to this lottery you need to sign up here. After one week we will select 94 random players.

Thursday, January 28 2016, 23:38:37
Freakz Arena Master - Season 2 (2v2 Tournament) featuring prizes consisting of: 300$ real life cash, 300$ as ingame rewards, mounts, titles and tabards. Registrations are open, more info here

Thursday, January 28 2016, 18:55:58
Recent Armory fixes:
- Raid Progression @
char info (bottom of the page)
- Partial visual for character image @
char info
- Main battle pets @
char info (bottom of the page)
List of collected battle pets
List of collected mounts
Item tooltips now have image of the item (if available). When you mouseover an item in char info page you will see the 3d version of the item. You can also click an item and manually use the 3d item viewer
- Achievements earned @
activity feed
- Spell enchants without corresponding items are now visible (cloak enchants, etc)

Sunday, January 24 2016, 14:06:41
Guild members professions listing has been fixed, you can now see the professions of your guild members. Every member must login at least once after the fix was made in order for his professions to be visible.

Guild Master Dethrone system has been fixed. You can now use the dethrone option to take control of an inactive guild. You can only do that if the old guild master has been inactive for more than 90 days and you are a Rank 1, 2 or 3 member (Officer, Veteran, Member)

Friday, January 22 2016, 13:36:51
Congratulations everyone, Stage 5 @ Isle of Thunder has been completed. We have added Ji-Kun @ normal Throne of Thunder. We are postponing Megaera until next week due to some issues.

Thursday, January 21 2016, 02:19:51
Guild Finder has been fixed ! As a guild master you can list your guild for others to join, or as a player you can see guilds that are recruiting and request to join them.

Monday, January 18 2016, 14:01:09
Nalak has been implemented with Tyrannical + Tier 15 loot, use our raid finder (.raid create nalak) to create raid finder raids for it, it's same as for Oondasta: bag quests, be sure to get your quest from Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Below you can find a video of our Jin'rokh @ Throne of Thunder 25h encounter

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