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Saturday, October 03 2015, 19:50:49
We have done some changes to PvP:
- Base resilience increased from
60% to 65%
- Implemented a new, better MMR system
- Partially resetted the
Arena Ladder
- Equalized the MMR and Personal Ratings for all players

Remember ! At the end of each phase / season we will reward the top players from the 3v3 bracket with PvP titles, mounts, etc and some smaller rewards for 2v2 bracket too !

Friday, October 02 2015, 19:03:20

Freakz is offering a FREE FAR CRY 4 CD-KEY through a lottery, more info here

Thursday, October 01 2015, 00:00:04
Lottery for September has ended ! Winners are: Arothar, Fredoom, Leonydaz
Each of them received X-53 Touring Rocket, congratulations !

The lottery for October has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Monday, September 21 2015, 21:40:58
Some players might experience random connectivity issues or increased lags, we are looking into the issue.

Saturday, September 12 2015, 21:39:56
PET BATTLES have been FULLY implemented, both PvP and PvE, including achievements, PvP queue/find battle, caging pets, quests, catching wild pets, fighting pet tamers, fighting wild pets, leveling, pet upgrades, etc !

We will have a PET BATTLES event soon, so level up your pets fast !


Showing latest fixes for Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 (09/05/2015): (Click here to see more server fixes)
- Fixes done in the past weeks. As you can see we've done fixes in both PvE (dozens of bosses / encounters) and PvP (hundreds of fixes, improvements to classes blance, etc)
Mogu'shan Vaults
Will of the Emperor
Heart of Fear
Wind Lord Mel'jarak
Amber-Shaper Un'sok
- Trash scripts & loot
Terrace of Endless Spring
Sha of Fear
- Scenario system
- A Brewing Storm
- Arena of Annihilation
- Crypt of the Forgotten Kings
- Greenstone Village
- Brewmoon Festival
- Unga Ingoo
- Blood in the Snow
- Dark Heart of Pandaria
- The Secrets of Ragefire
Bastion of Twilight
Throne of the Four Winds
Conclaive of Wind
Vortex Pinnacle
Grand Vizier Ertan
- Trash scripts & loot
- Lost and Found
- Finders Keepers
- One Man's Trash...
- Is Another Man's Treasure
- Treasure of Pandaria
- Fortune of Pandaria
- Bounty of Pandaria
- Riches of Pandaria
- A Taste of History
- Spreading the Warmth
- Shadow Hopper
- Silent Assassin
- Know Your Role
- Loner and a Rebel
- The Halls of Reflection
- Heroic: The Halls of Reflection
- Silvershard Mines
- Battle Fatigue increased to 45% (up from 30%)
- PvP Power rating updated to 5.3 formula
- PvP Power bonus healing updated to 5.3 spec-based mechanism
- PvE items downscale in arena
- Upcoming new MMR system (not live yet)
- Bloodbath now procs only from special melee hits
- Glyph of Bloodcurdling Shout
- Glyph of Mystic Shout
- Glyph of Raging Wind spell conditions
- Shield Barrier now consume up to 60 rage
- Glyph of Burning Anger
- Glyph of Hindering Strikes
- Glyph of Gag Order
- Glyph of the Executor
- Glyph of Sweeping Strikes
- Glyph of the Raging Whirlwind
- Double Time charge cooldowns
- Sudden Execute now affects all Overpower
- Bloodbath DoT to ignore PvP Power (damage already increased by PvP Power in initial spell cast)
- Spell Reflection can no longer consumed by spells from player pets and guardians
- Spell Reflection to reflect Arcane Missiles, Penance, Black Arrow, Counterspell
- Storm Bolt should deal high damage only on targets permanently immune to stuns
- Sweeping Strikes no longer hits targets with PvP off
- Meat Cleaver various fixes
- Bladestorm and Dragon Roar should have increased damage on Arms: Bladestorm +60% weapon damage, Dragon Roar +20% total damage
- Item - Warrior PvP Set 4P Bonus should give speed buff after landing
- Victory Rush and Impending Victory should always heal regardless of hit result
- Impending Victory and Victory Rush no longer procs Bloodbath on self
- Charge diminishing returns category for Charge stun, should be short/random stun
- Denounce damage formula
- Glyph of Flash of Light now consume Eternal Flame
- Seal of Justice now procs from melee special attacks too
- Glyph of Divinity
- Sanctified Wrath generate one additional Holy Power when Judgement is cast on target for Protection part
- Hand of Purity now reduce periodic damage correctly
- Holy Avenger now affects Holy Radiance and Tower of Radiance holy power generation
- Guardian of Ancient Kings now stop attacking targets with breakable by damage crowd control auras
- Eternal Flame have its bonuses applied to the total final damage, not just to the base damage
- Execution Sentence damage bonuses benefit
- Glyph of Double Jeopardy
- Sanctity of Battle various fixes
- Glyph of Harsh Words
- Allow Beacon of Light to proc from HoTs too (like Eternal Flame)
- Hammer of Wrath should generate Holy Power charge even on miss
- Pursuit of Justice
- Sacred Shield amount on reapply
- Selfless Healer heal amount from various spells
- Daybreak various fixes
- Holy Prism to affect only 5 targets
- Glyph of Mass Exorcism
- Lock and Load no longer procs from traps.
- Arcane Intensity should proc only from Arcane Shot
- Camouflage visual for pets
- Binding Shot various fixes
- Dire Beast melee damage
- Hunter's Mark animation is no longer triggered by Arcane Shot
- Glyph of Deterrence
- Lock and Load proc
- Allow changing pet specialization starting from level 10 (instead of 15)
- Don't allow Dismiss Pet in arenas, allow only in preparation phase
- Stampede multiple fixes
- Eternal Guardian
- Glyph of Stampede
- Froststorm Breath damage for hunter pets
- Frenzy amount on multiple stacks
- Kill Command to correctly apply Hunter's Mark on the target, not on the pet
- Spirit Mend heal bonus
- Serpent Spread benefit from Improved Serpent Sting
- Focus Fire should restore pet focus depending on Frenzy stacks
- Multi-Shot AP scaling
- Cloak of Shadows and Combat Readiness no longer removes each other
- Glyph of Expose Armor
- Glyph of Detection
- Deadly Brew pvp bonus
- Glyph of Sharpened Knives
- Item - Rogue T14 4P Bonus
- Preparation remove cooldowns for certain spells
- Poisons should proc on absorbs too
- Crimson Tempest various fixes
- Master of Subtlety
- Restless Blades now procs from Crimson Tempest
- Don't allow Relentless Strikes to proc multiple times from multile targets @ AoE finishers
- Vanish removing cooldown for Stealth @ Subterfuge too
- Vanish to apply Stealth aura after Vanish expires and to remove combat instantly
- Subterfuge various fixes
- Vanish is no longer removed when casting Burst of Speed
- Lifeblood no longer break Stealth
- Killing Spree should always teleport near the target, even without Blade Flurry
- Killing Spree should remove roots and snares
- Honor Among Thieves no longer procs from healing
- Deadly Throw damage
- Shadow Dance no longer removes Stealth effects
- Rapid Renewal now ticks at apply
- Glyph of Holy Nova
- Glyph of Inspired Hymns
- Shadowy Apparition visual problems
- Atonement range
- Solace and Insanity correctly increase Mind Flay damage based on Devouring Plague on target
- Power Word: Shield @ Divine Insight
- Shadowy Apparitions to proc from Shadow Word: Pain triggered from Mastery: Shadowy Recall
- Devouring Plague DoT damage
- Shadow Word: Death removed old script
- Glyph of Lightwell
- Lightwell
- Fear Ward add invulnerability to dummy Fear spell, that one should always hit to cause Fear Ward to proc and drop charge
- Divine Star return effect
- Mindbender mana leech
- Mindbender damage
- Dominate Mind combat issue
- Archangel should increase Power Word: Shield absorb amount
- Psyfiend health
- Psyfiend's Psyhic Horror interruptabe
- Void Tendrils various fixes
- Atonement overheal targets at full health if no valid target found
- Halo always trigger individual heal hit for each friendly target and should also fix proc issues
- Divine Star always trigger individual heal hit for each friendly target and should also fix proc issues
- Divine Hymn should heal 12 targets in 25 man groups
- Holy Nova
- Shadow Word: Death orb generation
- Force LoS check for Halo
Death Knight
- Rune of the Fallen Crusader proc chance
- Summon Gargoyle's Gargoyle Strike can now be interrupted
- Death Coil damage\healing
- Glyph of Corpse Explosion
- Asphyxiate all stun-removing auras can work (except Icebound Fortitude, retail proof shows it shouldn't work)
- Glyph of Death Coil
- Death Strike cannot be parried
- Plague Leech should only activate fully depleted runes and should try to avoid specialization specific runes
- Blood Tap should try to avoid death runes
- Desecrated Ground immunitys
- Glyph of Pillar of Frost
- Leap endless wandering bug for pets
- Raise Dead cooldown issue
- Raise Dead ghoul health for blood\frost spec
- Raise Dead HP
- Runic Corruption duration should extend on subsequent procs instead of being overwritten
- Unholy Presence should increase Ghoul's energy regen
- Rune Regeneration should also be increased by Soul Reaper, Unholy Presence
- Roiling Blood should trigger Pestilence only for the closest target, not all targets
- Frozen Power @ Freeze shouldn't go through Anti-Magic Shell
- Resurgence procs from Unleash Life too
- Healing Tide Totem health
- Remove old attributes from Healing Stream Totem, causes various bonuses to not be applied (for example Purification)
- Primal Elementalist melee damage
- Set fixed damage for Stormlash Totem so it doesn't benefit twice from damage bonuses
- Shaman shields can now stack for different casters
- Frostflame Weapon pvp bonus
- Item - Shaman T14 Restoration 4P Bonus
- Lightning Shield no longer loses charges on proc
- Glyph of Totemic Vigor
- Glyph of Telluric Currents
- Glyph of Lakestrider
- Stone Bulwark Totem health
- Unleashed Fury @ Earthliving Weapon to be removed after the first direct heal * don't allow it to affect Healing Rain and Chain Heal
- Allow Stormlash Totem to proc from pets too
- Waterbolt damage (was a bit lower)
- Water Elemental model id
- Combustion stun spell reflect
- Living Bomb no longer grants combat when explodes
- Polymorph no longer grants combat
- Icy Veins stacking with PvP trinkets
- Icy Veins and Icy Veins no longer stacks with each other
- Glyph of Illusion
- Ring of Frost shouldn't instantly break on damage
- Arcane Charge proc via Arcane Explosion to be only on Arcane spec
- Ice Ward proc cooldown
- Brain Freeze to make Frostfire Bolt to act as if target is frozen (increase crit chance through Shatter)
- Combustion should also proc Heating Up
- Incanter's Ward
- Mastery: Icicles now can store unmitigated damage
- Don't immediately remove Heating Up if a non-crit Scorch was cast
- Inferno Blast spread shouldn't affect polymorphed targets
- Glyph of Icy Veins
- Frost Bomb cooldown reduction by haste
- Alter Time to copy amount for some spells too
- Arcane Missiles! should proc from all damaging spell casts
- Alter Time to be triggered only when it is cast a second time or when it expires, not when canceled or dispelled
- Increase mana regen by spell haste (casting speed auras) if player has SPELL_AURA_412
- Glyph of Water Elemental
- Don't allow Blazing Speed while stunned / rooted and make player immune to slows while active
- Glyph of the Unbound Elemental
- Don't allow Ignite double dip resilience
- Don't consume both Presence of Mind and Pyoroblast! proc from Heating Up when casting Pyroblast
- Don't consume both Presence of Mind and Brain Freeze when casting Frostfire Bolt
- Slow Fall can now be dispellable \ stealable
- Allow Nature's Swiftness and Ancestral Swiftness to be spellstolen (actually just dispelled)
- Item - Mage PvP Set 2P Bonus
- Fingers of Frost to correctly drop Fingers of Frost charges
- Imp's Firebolt damage (was way too low)
- Succubus Lash of Pain damage (was way too low)
- Demonic Breath shouldn't apply Shadowflame
- Succubus Whiplash damage
- Voidwalker's Torment damage
- Soul Leech now procs from Fel Flame too
- Item - Warlock T14 4P Bonus
- Add internal cooldown of 1 second to Backdraft to not allow it to proc twice when Havoc is active and hits multiple targets
- Glyph of Demon Hunting
- Immolate should generate Burning Embers on DoT crits too
- Fury Ward spell power bonus
- Twilight Ward spell power bonus
- Aftermath @ Rain of Fire ( Destro spec ) should also generate Burning ember
- Havoc shouldn't trigger dummy aura debuff for Shadowburn on second victim
- Unstable Affliction dispell damage
- Grimoire of Sacrifice various fixes
- Drain Soul should force all other DoTs to tick only when target is at or below 20% HP
- Rain of Fire should deal additional 50% damage on targets with Immolate
- Grimoire of Sacrifice @ Chaos Bolt DoT damage
- Unbound Will remove CC too
- Demonic Fury generation from various sources
- Fire and Brimstone will automatically cancel if player doesn't have enough Burning Embers
- Molten Core
- Wild Imps's Fel Firebolt now scales with spellpower
- Metamorphosis: Doom summon Wild Imps when DoT crits
- Hellfire can be cast while moving
- Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos and Metamorphosis: Chaos Wave spell criticals
- Drain Life heal to be affected by spellmods (Glyph of Drain Life) by using correct heal spell and Harvest Life
- Glyph of Demon Training
- Various Fixes for Pets
- Rain of Fire should replace already existing Rain of Fire if cast nearby
- Summon Fel Imp's Felbolt spellpower scaling
- Demonic Gateway is disabled during Arena Preparation
- Demonic Gateway to be clickable by default and to only teleport automatically with Glyph of Demonic Attunement
- Demonic Gateway shouldn't be attackable
- Shadowburn should always generate 2 Burning Embers if target dies within 5 seconds
- Item - Warlock PvP Set 4P Bonus
- Snapshot critical strike for Chaos Bolt on spell cast to be used on spell hit damage calculation
- Affliction warlocks should start arena with 4 soul shards
- Dynamically update pets' Master Demonologist buff to be the same as the owner's buff and remove Master Demonologist caster-form aura when entering Metamorphosis because the metamorphosis aura has damage bonus too
- Glyph of Verdant Spheres
- Grimoire of Service pets should continuously cast additional spells after summon
- Metamorphosis: Touch of Chaos extend the duration of Corruption on the target
- Molten Core should have 10 charges
- Fel Firebolt @ Wild Imps shuold be able to critically hit
- Incinerate \ Conflagrate have an additional 15% chance to generate Burning Embers
- Tiger's Fury can now be used only in Cat Form
- Glyph of Charm Woodland Creature
- Druid Feral (cat and bear forms ) damage
- Glyph of Cat Form
- Efflorescence heal
- Dream of Cenarius @ Healing Touch for Guardian should benefit from AP
- Force of Nature various fixes
- Mastery: Razor Claws trigger update when entering Cat Form because mastery aura is removed when shapeshifting out of Cat Form and calculations are lost
- Nature's Vigil always heal nearby friendly (on both direct damage and direct heal)
- Moonfire and Sunfire duration extend from critical strikes @ Wrath / Starsurge / Starfire
- Typhoon ( and other similar effects ) should remove stealth
- Glyph of Efflorescence
- Cyclone always consume Nature's Swiftness, even in case of reflect
- Tooth and Claw
- Rejuvenation instant healing part
- Symbiosis various fixes
- Feral weapon damage multiplier, it shouldn't be applied to abilities, only autoattacks
- Ursol's Vortex
- Item - Druid T14 Guardian 4P Bonus
- Allow disarm on feral druids
- Healing Elixirs now procs from Purifying Brew and Nimble Brew too
- Glyph of Honor spell conditions
- Combat Conditioning
- Blackout Kick
- Summon Jade Serpent Statue various fixes
- Glyph of Mana Tea
- Glyph of Mana Tea should consume a maximum of 2 Mana Tea stacks
- Glyph of Zen Flight is disabled in instances and Tol Barad
- Brewmaster Training @ Shuffle should extend its duration instead of being replaced
- Added missing Orc Monk Racials (Hardiness and Command)
- Uplift only target players with Renewing Mists for both effects, even the dummy one, otherwise it would wrongfully cause procs for Mastery: Gift of the Serpent
- Revival should have heal diminishing returns: 15 in 25man raids and 6 elsewhere
- Touch of Karma various fixes
- Summon Black Ox Statue various fixes
- Spinning Crane Kick heal should also generate Chi
- Glyph of Surging Mist
- Blackout Kick should hit additional targets only for 50% damage
- Don't allow - Item - Monk T14 Brewmaster 4P Bonus to affect healing or to affect absorb amount twice
- Soothing Mist \ Surging Mist should only be instant on the soothed target
- Glyph of Rapid Rolling
- Combo Breaker should proc either Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick bonus, not both
- Expel Harm damage in case initial Expel Harm heal is critical hit
- Spinning Crane Kick heal to target only 6 targets and to exclude guardians
- Temporary pets now also benefit from owner's hit chance and crit chance
- Update dodge formulas to MOP (base dodge and dodge per agility)
- Mana Regeneration corrections
- DoTs / HoTs breakpoints by correctly rounding to nearest ticks amount value instead of floor-ing it to lowest value
- Don't allow negative haste to increase GCD
- Guild tabard / emblem change
- Remove guild XP cap
- Allow pets when player is on mount (only if it's not fly mount), even if caster is not in BG/Arena
- Blood Spirit disenchant system
Other small fixes
- Stefan's Horn
- Warforged Nightmare Hitching post
- Various template corrections for old dungeons and raids.
- Dalaran Portal to Orgrimmar
- Dalaran Portal to Thunder Bluff
- Wormhole Generator: Northrend
- Ultrasafe Transporter
- Dalaran Portal to Orgrimmar
- Dalaran Portal to Thunder Bluff
- Wormhole Generator: Northrend
- Portal to the Maelstrom
- Portal to Vashj'ir
- Vial of the Sands vehicle correction
- Sergeant Thunderhorn removed from the game
- Removed achievement requirement(#4842) to enter Blackwing Descent Heroic until Nefarian is scripted.
- Removed achievement requirement(#4851) to enter Throne of the Four Winds Heroic until Al'Akir is scripted.
- Wormhole Generator: Pandaria
- Plump Fig missing from Shan'ti.
- Close Call
- Near Miss
- Dressing Down
- Suit Up!
- Infiltrating Voltarus
- Dark Horizon
- Reunited
- So Far, So Bad
- It Rolls Downhill
- Throwing Down
- Foundation for Revenge
- Petrified Delicacies
- Aberrations
- Missing Scouts
- Loyal Companions
- The Brothers Bronzebeard
- The Arts of a Mage
- Moonfire
- You'll Need a Gryphon
- Destroying the Altars
- Drag and Drop
- Volatility
- Borrowed Technology
- Deactivate An'owyn
- Frost Nova
- This Just In: Fire Still Hot!
- Learning the Word
- Learning the Word
- Words of Power
- The Arts of a Priest
- Of Light and Shadows
- The Arts of a Priest
- Learning the Word
- Learning the Word
- Learning the Word
- Learning the Word
- The Emissary
- Bladespire Kegger
- Wrath of the Lich King
- Wrath of the Lich King
- Lost Treasure
- Hungry, Hungry Hatchling
- Gorishi Grub
- A Cub's Cravings
- 'Borrowing' From the Winterfall
- Cub's First Toy
NPC Fixes
- Persistence
- Gorebag
- Flying Fiend
- Vicejaw
- Onslaught Gryphon
- Grand Expedition Yak
- The Lich King
- Lady Jaina Proudmoore
- Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
- Erekem
- Venomhide Hatchling
- Winterspring Cub

Wednesday, September 02 2015, 11:51:58
Amber-Shaper Un'sok @ Heart of Fear is now live !

Thursday, August 27 2015, 21:00:21
PET BATTLES are coming to WoW Freakz soon !
Here are some screenshots of our current progress

Tuesday, August 25 2015, 13:46:29
Garalon & Wind Lord Mel'jarak @ Heart of Fear are LIVE with loot and achievements, both normal and heroic !
(Sha & Galleon were moved in Siege of Orgrimmar)

Friday, August 21 2015, 21:30:47
Sha of Fear @ Terrace of Endless Spring is now fully live with loot & achievements !

Tuesday, August 04 2015, 04:21:12
Silvershard Mines battleground has been implemented !

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