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Thursday, July 28 2016, 14:50:23
by Shocker  
CHALLENGE MODE @ dungeons has been fully implemented for ALL dungeons !

Achievements are disabled for a couple of days to make sure the system is stable and fully working. Once we are sure everything is ok, we will enable the achievements and the race for
[Realm First! Challenge Conqueror: Gold] can begin !

There is also a high chance that timers will be RESET in a couple of days after we go fully live with the Challenge Mode system !

Please post all bugs on the forums

Tuesday, July 26 2016, 22:47:31
by Shocker  
Galakras is live !

Tuesday, July 19 2016, 04:43:12
by Shocker  
Good news for non-english players, we have implemented translations for quests / items / creatures / objects for all client languages: Spanish (Español), Russian (Русский), Italian (Italiano), Portuguese (Português), French (Français), German (Deutsche), Chinese (中文), Korean (한국어)

HERE how to set up your client to use the language you want !

After you downloaded it, please tell us how it works by posting in that topic !

Sunday, July 17 2016, 19:16:27
by Shocker  
Chapter III @ legendary quest chain has been implemented !

Friday, July 15 2016, 05:55:22
by Shocker  
The INGAME WOW SHOP has been implemented ! To access it just click the icon at the bottom of the screen !
Please keep in mind that the ingame shop doesn't have that many options / items / products like the
site shop has, but it should be much more intuitive and easy to use.

Friday, July 08 2016, 05:42:07
by Shocker  

FLEXIBLE RAID system has been implemented ! For those that don't know, flex raids can be done with any amount of players, starting from 7 to 25 players and bosses will scale depending on number of players from raid. Bosses drop ilvl 540 items and have a separate loot CD from all other raids

Tuesday, July 05 2016, 04:01:18
Sha of Pride @ Siege of Orgrimmar is live. Currently only on normal mode and LFR

Friday, July 01 2016, 20:09:11
by Shocker  

The Celestial Tournament has been fixed ! Visit Master Li in Timeless Isle to start the tournament ! You will need 15 pets raised to level 25 to participate. Upon completing the tournament, you will gain 125 Valor Points, 1000 Timeless Coins and various other rewards, including unique battle pets ! The tournament can be done each week !
Don't forget you also receive
[Lesser Charm of Good Fortune] from pet battles !

Friday, July 01 2016, 00:00:04
by Shocker  
Lottery for June has ended ! Winners are: Ctrlpwns, Forash, Jassar
Each of them received Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent, congratulations !

The lottery for July has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Thursday, June 30 2016, 04:12:49
by Shocker  
Good news for achievements lovers, we've just fixed a dozen of achievements, have fun farming:

Player misc:
- It's Over Nine Thousand!
- The Old Gnome and the Sea

Battle Pets:
- Spirit of Competition
- Veteran Nanny

Temple of Kotmogu @ Player vs. Player:
- Blackout
- Can't Stop Won't Stop
- Temple of Kotmogu All-Star
- Four Square
- Master of Temple of Kotmogu

Silvershard Mines @ Player vs. Player:
- My Diamonds and Your Rust
- Escort Service
- Greed is Good
- Mine Mine Mine!

Twin Peaks @ Player vs. Player:
- Top Defender
- Two-Timer
- Cloud Nine / Cloud Nine
- Fire, Walk With Me / Fire, Walk With Me
- Double Jeopardy / Double Jeopardy
- Master of Twin Peaks

Warsong Gulch @ Player vs. Player:
- Quick Cap / Quick Cap
- Master of Warsong Gulch

Battle for Gilneas @ Player vs. Player:
- Jugger Not
- Don't Get Cocky Kid
- Master of the Battle for Gilneas

Strand of the Ancients @ Player vs. Player:
- Drop It Now!
- Master of Strand of the Ancients

Arathi Basin @ Player vs. Player:
- We Had It All Along *cough*
- Resilient Victory
- Territorial Dominance
- Master of Arathi Basin

Eye of the Storm @ Player vs. Player:
- Eye of the Storm Domination
- Storm Glory
- Bound for Glory
- Master of Eye of the Storm

Player vs. Player:
- Battlemaster / Battlemaster (not account wide yet)

- Now That's an Achievement (needs 1 more achievement to trigger completion if already having 2000 points)
- It All Adds Up
- It All Really Adds Up
- Crittergeddon
- Critter Kill Squad

Quests @ Guild:
- That's a Lot of Travel Time
- That's a Lot of Quest Text
- That's a Lot of Turn Ins

PvE @ Guild:
- Throne of Thunder Guild Run

Professions @ Guild:
- That's a Lot of Bait
- We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
- Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel
- Pandaren Angler
- Get Some Chopsticks
- Set the Oven to "Cataclysmic"
- Time to Open a Restaurant
- Pandarian Mix Master
- Mix Master
- Better Leveling Through Chemistry
- Bushels and Bushels
- Mighty Miners
- Gemcrafter Extraordinaire
- The Pen is Mightier
- Master Crafter
- Master Pandaria Crafter

Player vs. Player @ Guild:
- Kill Squad
- Guild Gankers
- Creepjackers

- Call of Battle
- The Buddy System
- Killing With Friends

- Orc Slayer
- Tauren Slayer
- Troll Slayer
- Goblin Slayer
- Pandaren Slayer
- Undead Slayer
- Blood Elf Slayer
- Horde Slayer
- Pandaren Slayer
- Human Slayer
- Night Elf Slayer
- Gnome Slayer
- Worgen Slayer
- Dwarf Slayer
- Draenei Slayer
- Alliance Slayer

Tuesday, June 28 2016, 15:09:44
by Shocker  
We have made a quick guide for new players for our custom ingame commands, read it here

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